Ep 9 featuring Kelly McCracken & Mark Revis THE KELLYS


On a random Thursday Karaoke night at a random Ground Round restaurant in Warren Ohio, I remember seeing this gal singer just blowing the roof off singing “You Outta Know” by Alanis Morissette. It was instantly evident that she had mega-talent and a strong voice with alot of emotion. That girl was Kelly McCracken of the band THE KELLYS.It was extremely cool as well, to talk to original KELLYS drummer Mark Revis.  Mark, at the tale end of playing and recording with the Warren based band DOWNLOAD, joined the Kellys and worked with Kelly and Company to craft their first full length album “Kelly’s Greatest Hits.”  You will hear “HappyHour” on the show as well as The Kellys brand new single “Let It Ride.”

Surprisingly, even with the departure of original Kellys bassist Moe Anglelo,  this record is seasoned and polished.  McCracken’s vocals are less acrobatic, warmer sounding, and comfortable; staying home nestled appropriately within the melody.  I can’t stop singing this new song.  I think they’ve found the cohesive amalgamated sound they’ve been slightly missing since their debut. The Kellys have worked hard and have been diligent in trying to get their music to the next level. I thought it was important to discuss the many guitarists and drummers that have come and gone as well as touch on the Moe Angelo leaving the band. Yep.. we went there. It’s very easy to find four musicians who are highly talented and who can execute consistently on stage in sync to the same meter, but it’s not as easy to get any number of musicians to play at that level and generate a cohesive amalgamated sound that is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Listening to the new tracks on the news Cd “Opus” I think they may have found that sound.



  Buy Kellys merchandise and check out their new video for “Victory” here–>   Kellys Music,



So sorry for the swishy Wah sounds.  The wireless lapel microphones are finicky and sometimes produce unmanageable white noise.  I try hard to keep production quality near top notch.  Equipment upgrade coming soon.





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