Ep 94 R E S I N A U T


Occasionally you a sound that turns your ear, and you listen to what strikes you as something unrecognizable but familiar.  It’t that soft heavy gooey middle ground that exist between an original piece of music and a popular musical composite that hasn’t worn out it’s welcome.  If you have an insatiable appetite for the new music and also are fond of heavy stoner-rock, you might also like this band.  Whereas bands like Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu, and Kyuss were fronted by more of a traditional hard rock vocal, RESINAUT lead by ex Chapless Larry vocalist Joe Sinchovich, offers up two modes to his vocal presence:  a vein popping angry scream tag teaming with a smooth quirky-talky vocal and the variety really keeps the ears engaged.

RESINSAUT does two songs in a live Mindrocket Session format and in this episode we listen to those recordings and discuss many things inbetween, most of which are brain mushing nonsense, but interesting none the less.    More content at


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Ep 92 THIRD CLASS interview & LP feature (2014)

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NE Ohio’s traveling indie-pop-rock band THIRD CLASS offers up their hooky-est release yet with “Hymns From Some Small Town.”   Not even Houdini can escape the rich and creamy sexy dissonance and catchy-bouncy fun in songs like “Famous in Our Minds.”  This record is their best collection of songs, not only musically but lyrically.  “Famous in Our Minds” is a recognition of the band’s acceptance of where and who they are, and should provide some inspiration for other artists striving for some secular validation.   The common theme or reoccurring message-thread that ties these songs together makes this basket of tracks a legitimate album.   It’s mature but not too mature and the sonic production is really top notch.  There are many great instrumentation choices like the gritty bass in “Hey There” and “Famous In Our Minds” or the plucky bronze  guitar sound in “Cold Morning Light.”  Loyal fans will enjoy this record’s new accomplished sounds and will smile inside when they hear songs like “How To Win” which channels the classic Third Class niche sound.  Buy their stuff at www.thirdclass.net.